Super Shingled Drives,

We at aim to be your number one choice when it comes down to providing you with your new shingled driveway, whilst also being your number one choice for all the groundwork jobs you may need doing. If you’ve got the space and have been thinking about getting a driveway installed for a while, or your existing driveway has become battered and worn out meaning it needs a much sought out refurbishment.

No matter what your reasoning is we can provide it for you. New-Driveway is a company whos main aim is to be the number one choice when it comes to doing all the groundwork jobs within the area.

Get Your New Driveway Shingled By Us is pleased to announce that we have got an unmissable offer available to you in regards to you getting new shingled driveway. We’re able to provide your property with a brand new shingled driveway, not only that if your existing one needs a refurbishment we’re able to provide that as well.

We’re also here to offer advice and support in the planning of your new shingled driveway, this is all offered alongside competitive pricing including a consultation and quote in getting a job booked by us. 


What We Do To Deliver Your New Shingled Driveway:

When you’ve requested to have theconsultation and quote on your property in regards to getting a shingled driveway installed. We’ll be in contact with you to arrange a suitable date where we can come and provide the consultation for your new shingled driveway. Here we will discuss with you what it is you’re looking for regarding your new shingled driveway. Once this has been completed we’ll issue you with a quote on the job.
Once the quote has been issued to you in regards to your new shingled driveway and you’ve agreed to have the job done, we’ll arrange with you a suitable time period where we’ll come and lay it for you. All of our staff are highly trained and between them have built up many years of experience within the trade. All Jobs we do take on are taken on with the highest level of pride and respect, this means we won’t settle for providing you the highest level of work we can possibly give. If the area you wish to have your new shingled driveway installed in has any drainage access points installed there then you don’t need to worry, we’ve the tools and skills necessary to make sure that access to them isn’t disrupted in a way that won’t affect the final result on your singled driveway.
When we’re working on your property laying your singled driveway we work with you, we listen to your requirements and work towards them. Whilst keeping you in the loop and answer any questions you may wish to have answered in regards to the job.

The Work We’re able to do for you.

We at are happy to say that whilst we can provide you with your shingled driveway we’re also able to offer much more including:

  • Paving Tarmac Driveways
  • Laying Shingle Driveways
  • Block Paving Driveways
  • Paving Patios
  • Paving Pathways
  • Laying Playgrounds
  • Car Park Surfacing 
  • Paving Resin Driveways
 This is just a sample of the jobs we’re able to provide to you and should not be treated as a complete list. We’re happy to provide a full list of our services upon request.

Book your consultation and quote now:

N-Drivewayshingle2.jpgTo get that much wanted shingled driveway installed to you property by us, simply fill out the form on the left hand side of the page. Please remember to include a brief description on what it is you’re looking for and also the easiest way for us to get back in contact with you. Using the information you provide us we’ll be in contact too arrange a date for us to come and provide the consultation on your property and give you quote you want.
After you’ve been issued with the quote, you have a hassle free period of time in which you can think about and decide upon the quote for the job.


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